Monday, December 6, 2010

You Don't Make No Effort, No Not Like You Should

I've been really lax with the blogging lately. Sometimes, I think it's because I just don't have anything to say. Other times, I think it's because I'm just lazy. I think that is something I should work on in the new year. I'm not quite ready to do my year-end stuff yet, but I'll have to file that away for later.

On the positive tip, Ravenous Romance is celebrating the season with The 12 Hot Days of Christmas, which features my story, 11 Pipers Piping. For some hot man-on-man action this Christmas, check out Big Holiday Packages from STARbooks Press, which contains my story, Can't Wait Until Christmas.

There is more good news coming, and as I said before a little end of the year review and reflection. It is so hard to believe that 2010 is coming to a close. It has been a crazy year. Once I organize my thoughts, I'll talk more about it. Until then, enjoy the Man Candy. I know I will.

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