Monday, May 21, 2012

Time It Goes So Fast, When You're Having Fun

Another Monday is here. God, where the hell is this month going? Sometimes, I feel like I blink and miss so much. It's hard to keep up with everything. To that end, I should mention that my story, Discretion Required is in the new Xcite collection, Tricks for Kicks. You can find it here in Kindle form and soon in paperback.

I also have good news to report. My first novel, Losing and Gaining, will be available June 24th from Amber Allure. I'm super excited about this and can't wait to hold a paperback book with my name on the front in my hot little hands. Good things are happening. Now, if only I can stop for a second and enjoy it. Speaking of, I'm in love with this Man Candy. For more, watch this video.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Talking Like a City Boy, And Drinking With a Northern Soul

What a lovely weekend! We had planned to have a great purging this weekend, due to the fact that our townhouse community was supposed to have its annual spring clean up, which just means they rent dumpsters so all of us residents can throw things out. Turns out, no dumpsters, so we had to go to plan b. We painted the last room in our house that needed it. Our office used to be bright red. Including the ceiling. A color my father-in-law once said would have looked more at home in a brothel than our third bedroom. Now, the room is beige. Just like all our other rooms. Every room in our house used to be a different bright color. But, in preparation for sale, we've turned our house into a rather boring beige. I miss the color, however, I'm hoping it will all be worth it when we are signing the documents to sell our house.

I love this Man Candy. So much. Paul Rudd makes me giggle and swoon. Now, I must get back to work. A deadline is looming and as per usual, I'm pushing things to the last minute.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Its Just That Life Tastes Sweeter When it's Wrapped in Debauchery

I can't believe I forgot to post Man Candy last week. How rude and utterly horrible of me. It's not like I was doing anything important. The week just kind of got away from me. It's the first time since I started posting Man Candy that I missed a week. My priorities are all out of whack right now.

I found a picture I really like and I think you will too. Hopefully, this will make up for my week off. Now, I must get back to work. Things are starting to pile up around here