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Book Reviews
About my book, Holiday History: ...a cute story about how love can find you when you least expect it and change your life for the better. Grade: Excellent -- Well Read
About my novella, White Out: . . .thumbs up Ms. Champa. I found this to be an enjoyable afternoon read that kept my attention from the first page to the last. --Literary Nymphs

"I would recommend it to anyone who likes m/m romances." -- ARE Cafe

I thoroughly enjoyed White Out! Cam is such a fabulous character it is so easy to fall in love with him and sympathize with his situation. I was thinking if Ryan breaks his heart I’m going to throw a fit. The setting of White Out may be blistering cold but this story blazing hot! The characters are great and the chemistry is fierce making White Out a beautiful story -- Joyfully Reviewed

About my novella, All Expenses Paid: Ms. Champa's story was very dramatic. I was pulling for Davis and Judd almost from the first step Davis took upon arriving in Australia. I enjoyed the descriptions of Sydney and the other places she took us to, the travelers on the tour were so charming and sweet! The connection between Davis and Judd was intense and made it worth the rocky beginning for Davis. Not only do I want to read more from the Postcards Series, I want to read more from Ms. Champa! -- The Romance Studio

About my novella, Right Wrong Turn: This was a sweet “grass is always greener” story...I’d recommend this quick moving story for a good beach read.  -- Hearts On Fire

About my novella, One More Summer, This was a very good read that held my interest from start to finish . . . The author did an admirable job crafting her characters from main to supporting. They all had such great voices and I was eager to listen. Some standout supporting characters added the extra something that kicked this story up a notch . . . This was a sweet treat topped off with a even sweeter epilogue. I enjoyed the read very much and I think you will too. -- The Romance Studio
One More Summer is an excellent read; it flowed easily from one phase to the next with great character builds. I really enjoyed the dance Scott and Gavin did in coming together. The denial of a future relationship on Scott’s part, the gossip from the camp, Gavin getting caught being groped…lots of highs and lows with a nicely tied-up happy ending -- Joyfully Reviewed

 About my novel, Losing and Gaining:  One thing is for certain, Ms. Champa knows how to nail down awkwardness and shame. I have read four of her books, some were better than others, and this one is very good. Actually, this is my second favorite after All Expenses Paid. She handles some of the truth of being obese with honesty and care, and some with humor and cringing embarrassment. The two main characters, Jesse and Everett, are really great together. I liked them even more together after the big denouement towards the end. And for the record, I couldn't stand Jesse's older brother at all. This novel was more than worth the read, and yes, it does have a happy ending.
 -- The Romance Studio

All in all, this is both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Heartbreaking because of Everett’s self-loathing but heartwarming because of his ultimate acceptance of merging the fat boy he was into the healthy, fit man he is now and finally accepting his past self. The secondary characters, Matt and Gabi, make the story come alive and help it move along when things heat up as well as add funny moments to the plot. The tension and chemistry between Jesse and Everett is hot and believable especially since its dabbles a bit with an unrequited crush
-- Armchair Reader

The author of this story did a fantastic job with Douglas Everett Smith. -- Hearts On Fire


About my story, Down Memory Lane: Down Memory Lane is just that, one in a row of experiences worth remembering that might or might not lead to something better eventually. If you are ready for the challenge and tired of the classic happily ever after, take a ride with Kyle and Quinn, it just might be your thing.  -- MM Good Book Reviews

I really liked the writing a lot – very moving. I definitely felt the pain of Kyle in this “limbo” with Quinn. I would really like to read more about these two someday. If you don’t mind a bittersweet ending, this is a well-written short story that you might want to spend some time with.
-- Armchair Reader


About my novella, Number One Pick: This book was really fun ...The characters were well drawn and most of them were really funny – not pratfall funny but sneaky funny which is the best kind and the funniest were Vince and his wife Julia, Blake’s nemesis...The writing was fresh and there was no OTT angst, so if you’re looking for lots of angst this is not the book for you.
-- Reviews By Jessewave

I was amused for the better part of this book, thoroughly enjoying Landon and his lovely personality while Blake presented the perfect challenge to make the story stick out a bit. Their interactions were funny, Blake’s friends somewhat crazy and the challenge dates kept things going. This book was nothing short of fun with a good idea and likeable characters, perfect for a slow afternoon.
 -- Valentina Heart, MM Good Book Reviews
About my novella, Charitable Giving:  The last twist in the plot, while expected, was still executed amazingly well and the writing itself was lovely. The characters were both very charming and I couldn’t help not to feel sorry for Mitch on more than one occasions. I wanted his happy ending so badly that when it came it was like “it was about damn time already”. Bah the frustration. Anyway, a lovely read with a bit of angst and heart-break specially ordered to keep you on your toes Charitable Giving is a book I wouldn’t hesitate recommending. -- Thomaidha Papa, MM Good Book Reviews
This is a very intriguing and hot romance between two men that have a big communication problem.  It’s a charming story with several twists and turns. There were times I’d loved to deck both Cal and Mitch. This is a must read if you’re looking for a good romance that makes you wonder what the heck is going on.  I was pleasantly surprised...if you like a  sweet loving romance with a touch of light bdsm,  friends to lovers, office romances, and  hot man sex you will love this.
If you are looking for a nicely written contemporary with some tense scenes and a decent camaraderie between Mitch and his female office friend then I would recommend this one.
About my novella, Go Coastal: This is a fairly light-hearted read with just a touch of anxiety to get your adrenaline going! -- Hearts on Fire Reviews
The plot has a smooth flow and the characters are so solid and believable, that they could be someone you could meet in a store or be your next-door neighbors. The sex is understated, without being smutty. The author’s writing style is clean, concise, and streamlined, telling the story without a lot of trivial information. The story has a HEA ending after a last minute twist that I didn’t see coming. I really liked reading this book, and if you’re looking for a light read with just a taste of danger, then I recommend this story to you. -- Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books
About my novella, Against Type: When the air cracks with tension and electricity, and you can barely stand the sight of the man in front of you, only two things can happen. Either you kill each other or you have one Hell of a steamy relationship coming your way. A great read from Ms. Champa about two coworkers that hit it off the moment they meet...It was so smoothly written and slowly unveiled that gave the book a different quality, almost as if it was more than a novella. Quite impressive really... if you’re into intense, hot, and funny guys, then this is a book for you.

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