Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sun To Shine By Day and All The Stars At Night

I realized this morning that I forgot to put up my Man Candy for the week. How thoughtless of me? It is amazing how time has gotten away from me lately. The fact that 2010 is coming to a close has staggered me. It just doesn't seem like it's time yet. I'm not ready.

I haven't made any plans for the New Year. I haven't taken stock. I haven't had a moment to think about what has transpired and what I have accomplished. I want to do all those things, but I just haven't yet. But, I will.

Just a heads up, Ultimate Uniforms came out yesterday too, and it features some amazing authors as well as my story, End of the Line. Just check out the line-up. Chrissie Bentley ; Shashauna P Thomas ; Garland ; Thom Gautier ; Rachel Charman ; Landon Dixon ; Courtney James ; Lynn Lake ; Beverly Langland ; Tara S Nichols ; Sadie Wolf ; Cyanne ; Elizabeth Coldwell ; Sophia Valenti ; Charlotte Stein ; Sommer Marsden ; Lily Harlem ; Heidi Champa (Me!!) and Teri Fritz.

Just as soon as I'm done fantasizing about somewhere warm. Like where he is.

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