Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Life Could Be The Last, And You're Too Young To See

This heat is killing me. Last night, the power was out for four hours and it was so toasty we had to head for the hills in search of ice cream and air conditioning. Luckily, we found both and it was delicious. But, once the power returned, we were able to blow out all the candles and finally get to sleep without sweating.

I brought my laptop back to life after the blackout and found out some good news. My novella, White Out, is now scheduled for release on August 15th, a whole week earlier than expected. And, a day after my 11th anniversary. I'm so excited about this project and there will be more information and excerpts coming soon.

In other good news, the reviews for Alison's Wonderland have been great, and I found this one online a few days ago, and wanted to share it. Go right here to read the review and buy the book by visiting my store. You won't be sorry.

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