Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If You Ever Looked Up, You'd See The Sun, In The Morning

I trust everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July. I'm sorry to have been remiss in my Man Candy duties yesterday, but it couldn't be helped. There was just way too much going on this weekend. But, I think I've made it up to you with today's offering.

I'm onto my next project, which has me knee deep in research, character development and trying to piece together a coherent story line. While I was taking a break from all that, I stumbled across this nice mention of my story in the Dirtyville collection, Today's Special, on Dorla Moorehouse's blog. Check out the whole review here. The collection(s) are edited by the fabulous Sommer Marsden, and available at a number of e-locations.

Also, the cover art for my upcoming novella can be seen right HERE!! I'm super-excited about this project and I'll keep you posted on all the details as I get them.

Right, back to work. . . . Where did I put that inspiration?

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