Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'll Take Afternoon Tea, If You Take It With Me

As promised yesterday, today I am offering you a little slice of my story, Dressed to Impress, from the Afternoon Pleasures collection, edited by Shane Allison.

Please to enjoy, again.

As we sat in the darkness of the movie theatre, I couldn’t focus on the film. Every time he crossed his legs or moved in his seat, I found myself thinking about his naked dick brushing against the front of his pants, the contact his skin was making on the soft, just-washed material. It got so bad that I was blatantly staring at his crotch when a giant explosion made the entire crowd jump out of their chairs. I stayed stock still, too distracted to respond properly to an entire fictional town being demolished.

“Ben, what the hell are you doing? You’re missing the best part.”

His whispers startled me out of me trance, and I looked at his eyes in the dark. He turned back to the screen, just in time for more carnage to wow the audience. Instead of rejoining the story already in progress, I reached my hand out and put it right on his cock. Colin snapped his head over to look at me, his expression both confused and angry.

“What are you doing? Just watch the movie.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Well, I do.”

I didn’t move my hand; in fact, I tugged at the obstinate zipper and worked my hand inside until I could feel the hot contact of his skin. Hidden as we were in the back row, I didn’t worry about anyone seeing us, but I wasn’t expecting him to grab my wrist in protest. He stopped short of pulling my hand away, but his grip wasn’t allowing me to go any further. My fingers strained to find the sensitive head of his cock, and as I ran the pad of my thumb over the slit, he released my wrist from captivity.

His eyes stayed focused straight ahead, as I wrapped my fist around his now stiff prick. I watched his mouth fall open, just a little. At that moment, he could have yelled and no one in the theatre would have heard him, the gunfire was far too loud. I jerked him gently at first, but couldn’t contain my ardor as I felt him grow harder in response.

Colin surprised me by snaking his own hand under my shirt and tweaked my nipple, sending a warm jolt to my rock hard cock. He smiled, knowing that my current aroused state wasn’t just from his hard-on.

“So, I guess it turns out you were into the whole no underwear thing.”

I couldn’t answer as his thick middle finger met his thumb and pinched me hard, my nipple now as hard as my dick. The pain and pleasure was making my breath catch; the car chase on screen doing a fantastic job of distracting the people around us from my moans. My fist squeezed him tight, my hand moving quicker as I felt my arousal barreling towards me as quickly as the runaway truck in the film.

As suddenly as the crash scene disappeared, so did Colin’s hand from my chest. My own hand disengaged as he sat up and zipped up in a hurry. Grabbing me by the arm, he led me into the deserted men’s room in the lobby. Once we were locked into the last stall, he looked down at me with a wicked smile.


Janine Ashbless said...

Hey - and The Handsome Prince is out now too! What a month for m/m action, eh Heidi? It's so good to be in that anthology with you and your sexy prince in disguise :-)

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Janine. I thought your story was hot too!! It is always nice to be between the pages with you.

It has been a good month, hasn't it?