Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When The Scent of Her Lingers, And Temptation's Strong

Both Afternoon Pleasures and Sweet Confessions are now available for purchase and I think you should follow the links and purchase one or both of them. Why? Because, they are killer, hot, sexy books and part of my life's mission is to get those kinds of books into as many hands as possible. In order to entice you, today and tomorrow, I'm going to be posting excerpts from my stories in both books to give everyone a little taste of what's inside. Aren't I sweet?

Got the first round of edits done on my novella, All Expenses Paid, today. It's possible I might love it even more now than I did before. Cannot. Wait. For. It. To. Come. Out. Stay tuned for more details, excerpts and info.

So, as promised, here is a little taste of my story, Smell As Sweet, from Sweet Confessions, edited by the fabulous Violet Blue. Please to enjoy.

That night, the offices were quiet, but the stack of papers in front of me didn’t seem to be getting any smaller. I kept glancing at the clock, the time moving quickly, but the work was going at a snail’s pace. It was already way too late to meet the girls for the dinner we had planned. And, they would soon be off bar hopping and making merry. All I had to show for my evening was paperwork, useless forms and reports and a deadline that loomed for first thing Monday morning.

As I slogged through, there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I closed the last file folder, and let out a sigh of relief. The joy was short lived when I looked at the clock and realized it was near midnight. I thought if I hurried, I could meet the girls at the last bar of the night and have a quick martini to reward my hard work.

Grabbing a stack of folders for Jamie’s office, I whipped out my phone and started texting Charlotte to find out where the action was. Too busy clicking letters with my thumbs, I nearly walked into Jamie’s office door, which was open, just a crack. I saw a dim light on and I heard weird noises coming from inside. Getting even closer for a better look, I saw Jamie in his chair, his cock in his hand. I froze, my fingers stopping mid-text as I opened my eyes wider at what I saw next.

There was a pair of black panties over his nose and mouth, the crotch pressed right against his skin. His dark hair was covering his forehead; his eyes that had been wide open were now pinched shut. He inhaled deeply and loudly, twice, before he came, white come spilling onto his fist and onto the floor. I hurried away before he could see me, taking the elevator down with my heart still pounding.

I got into my car and raced to the pub, and I couldn’t shake the image of Jamie with the panties on his face. He seemed in seventh heaven when I saw him, sniffing the lace-covered crotch. Shaking my head, I crinkled my face in disgust. Fetishes rarely surprised me, but this was one predilection I'd never heard of. At first, I was dying to let the girls know what I had found as I downed my perfectly chilled vodka concoction, but I thought better of it. I just wanted to forget the whole thing and enjoy my weekend.

The problem was, I couldn’t forget it. No matter what I did, the visual of Jamie kept coming back. I went over every detail in my mind, from the sound of his cries to the thickness of his cock. I struggled to understand what it was about the panties that he liked so much. I had always assumed that most men weren’t all that fond of the way a woman smelled. Lord knows there were enough feminine hygiene products on the market to tell us so.

But, he seemed so lost in it all, so enthralled by what he was doing. I thought all men just jerked off to porn or at the very least a picture of someone naked. The pure pleasure he got from those simple, little panties seemed to trump any naked woman in his mind. Could smell really be that powerful, that erotic? I had honestly never thought about it before. Now, I couldn’t stop.

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