Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Should Take That Volume Back Up off the Shelf and Crack Its Weary Spine and Read to Help Remind Myself

This is my 401st blog post. I barely noticed the number at first, until yesterday, when I found myself too damn tired to write anything of consequence. So, my 400th post went by as almost an afterthought, just a little extra Easter candy after a weekend of way too much chocolate. But, there is more I want to say. Most definitely.

I got my author copy of With This Ring, I Thee Bed, the other day. I sat there, staring at the gorgeous blue cover and then I started to thumb through the pages and admiring all the amazing writers that were contained in the collection. I was truly dumbfounded by the talent within, and I let myself feel insanely proud to be a part of it all. Alison Tyler is the first editor to take a chance on me, and when I see how far I've come, it's hard not to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. I mean, it's freakin' Harlequin, baby!! Again! I'm extremely proud of my story, Speak Now, and am honored to a part of this collection. In fact, that is something I can say about every single story in every single book/website/etc. I'm damn proud of it all, the whole journey and how much I've grown. There. I've said it. And, the sky didn't fall. How about that?

It's still sometimes hard to believe it's been less than three years since I've started doing this. I feel like I've been writing forever, but in my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd ever be here. It so easy to let the moments pass and barely look at them. But, I couldn't do that this time. I just needed to take a moment and reflect on it all. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the deadlines, word counts and new ideas that I don't take the time to just sit back and say, Damn!! I did that! Sure, I mention my latest stuff on the blog, but I never really get to talk about it like other people talk about their jobs. I'm still not sure why. I guess I'll have to save that for another post.

I went to Borders a few days ago, and was so happy to see that the erotica section had returned after an unexplained hiatus, and there on the shelves were several collections containing my stories. It was all I could do to not yell at the passing people, "Hey everyone, I have a smutty story in that book right there!!" I didn't, but mostly because I used to work there and still know the manager. :) I did, however, turn those books so the covers were facing forward and at eye level. Hey, a girl can drop a few hints, can't she? My version of shouting from the roof tops felt pretty good, and hopefully it might result in a few sales.

So, in this, my 401st post, I wanted to take just a moment and look back at it all. Take stock, take it all in. And, sprain my wrist just a bit patting myself on the back. Now, back to my new WIP. The journey never ends, I just needed a pit stop.


Erobintica said...

Congrats! And I love the bit about turning the books to face out!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks Robin!!

I do that all the time at bookstores, turn books I'm in face out. I did it in the romance section as well, with With This Ring. I made sure the copies were on prominent display. I should charge a fee for my services. :)

Greazy Tony said...

You have every right to feel proud of your work over these last few years! I am so very proud of the way you’ve focused yourself on your writing and even prouder every time another story makes its way to the masses.

Keep up the good ‘n smutty work!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, baby! Your love and support makes it all possible.

Craig Sorensen said...

Outstanding accomplishments, Heidi.

Keep up the good work!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks Craig!! I figure if I just keep typing, good things will happen!

Emerald said...

I do that with books at bookstores too (hahaha)!

Congratulations, Heidi, and congratulations for writing and posting this post. :)

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Em!!

I just love making sure everyone can see those books. Every little bit helps!

Hope all is well with you!