Monday, February 21, 2011

It's So Hard to Just Slow Down

A few nights ago, I had drinks with a friend who I used to work with, back when I had a day job. It was at a bank, and to say I was ill-suited to work there would be a staggering understatement. Much like all the jobs I'd had before it, being a bank teller just wasn't for me. It took me a long time to find my way. I took a lot of wrong turns before I got to where I am today; following my passion and writing for money. As I talked to my friend, I realized I am a very lucky person. I get to do what I love. Most people are doing a job they hate, or at the very minimum don't like very much.

Lately, if I'm being honest, I haven't exactly been loving my job. I have found myself uninspired, listless and just plain frustrated. Not just by the words that only seem to be coming in fits and spurts, but at a million different little things that seem to be conspiring against me at the moment. I'm trying to push through it, but it hasn't been easy. I always wonder where the mojo goes when it disappears. It always returns, eventually. Or at least, it better, if it knows what's good for it. There's some good news on the horizon, which just might help. I'll keep you posted. Don't forget to check out this post, for your chance to win a free book. There are still a few days left to enter.

Well, I better get back to banging my head against the wall. Man Candy is helping, of course.

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