Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'd Rather Be Anything But Ordinary, Please

Just got the table of contents for Nice Girls, Naughty Sex. It looks to be a fantastic book and I can't wait to see it. It comes out in March from Jordan and Samantha, the wonderful people at Oysters and Chocolate. Check out the table of contents and pre-order the book now!! **Update** Here is the actual and complete Table of Contents. Sorry for any confusion.

A Technicality, by Sommer Marsden
Behind Bars, by Saranna DeWylde
Siestas and Spanish Leather Boots, by RosalĂ­a Zizzo
Name Your Price, by A. M. Hartnett
Looking for the Wintergreen, by Trish DeVene

At a Standstill, by Heidi Champa
A Welcome Threat, by Venerato Petronius
Dirty Cop Doesn’t Mean What It Used To, by Emily Croy
Blow Me, by Rachel Kramer Bussel
For His Pleasure, by Sienna Conroy

Good Doggy, by Janine Ashbless
Evelyn, by Julian Augustus Finisterre
Corset, by Kay Jaybee
A Lesson for Claire, by Kestra Gravier
Serving Ms. Paden, by Talia Kelley

Phoenix, by Valerie Lewis
An Open Letter, by Aimee Herman
Dragon Lady, by Kristina Wright
Honeymoon Suite, by Donna George Storey
Eastern Daylight Time, by Jeremy Edwards


Jeremy Edwards said...

Nice, naughty high fives on this!

Heidi Champa said...

Right back at you, Jeremy!!