Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Looking To The Sun, More Power For Everyone

Isn't it a lovely picture? This sunset is at Yulara, Norther Territory, in Australia. Behind us, is the monolith, Uluru. While everyone else was watching the gorgeous red rock change colors in the lowering sun, my husband turned around and noticed the most exquisite sky. He snapped this photo, which we have framed in our living room.

Tourism Australia recently had a contest to submit your best Australian picture. The picture you see above is one of the Top 20 finalists for the grand prize, which is a $10,000 trip to the land Down Under. So, if you'd like to help the cause and help send us away, please go right here and vote. We really appreciate it.

Who knows? If we win, we just might bring you back a souvenir!!

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