Monday, October 18, 2010

I Have To Pack My Things And Go

Things have been cropping up fast and furious these days, and I finally had a few days to catch my breath and get some quality down time this weekend. I got to update the blog a bit, so check out the right sidebar for all the latest on where my stories are ending up.

I'm also very excited to be going out on the road this week. This might be the closest I ever get to going on tour, and I'm most certainly going to enjoy it. I'm doing a reading at the fabulous Erotic Literary Salon in Philly on Tuesday night. Then, Thursday, I'll be reading at the third to last In The Flesh, hosted by the lovely Rachel Kramer Bussel. In NYC, I'll be reading my story, Rise and Shine from Orgasmic. I'm not 100% on what I'm reading in Philly, but most likely it will include my story, Three Stops Away, from the new collection by Rachel entitled Smooth. The collection has gotten great reviews, but this one in particular caught my eye, for obvious reasons.

The latest cornucopia of erotic stories edited by Rachel Bussel is one of her best yet! How she gets the time to publish so many first-rate books, as well as writing some of the best sex stories around, is a mystery, but her fans will be delighted with this 'celebration of the body beautiful.' All 19 stories are steaming hot, but Heidi Champa's "Three stops away" and Jennifer Peters's "Ink"--among other standouts--set new standards for literate erotica.

So, I'm going to be away from the computer for most of the week, but I'll be checking in. So feel free to stop by and comment, or just ogle the Man Candy. *Sigh.* I already miss summer, don't you?


Jeremy Edwards said...

Yay! Congrats on the review, and have a great tour!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks Jeremy!! I'll warm up the crowd for you at ELS, since you'll be there next month!

Maybe I'll have to stop by in November and listen to your reading!