Monday, May 3, 2010

Live Baby Live, Now That The Day Is Over

In case you didn't hear, I met all my deadlines and am now ready to move onto my bigger projects. It was such a good feeling to get it all done. I'm so proud of myself and my small victory over procrastination. Now, I just hope I can keep the momentum going.

I had a great weekend. I got to spend Saturday with my girl Danielle, have some drinks and make merry. Hubby and I also threw away a bunch of stuff during our community clean-up and purging always feels good. All in all, I great way to kick off a new month and a new set of goals.

In Heidi news, Part 2 of my interview podcast with Dr. Dick is up today!! Check it out and download at will. If you missed it, Part 1 is available right here. It was such fun and you don't want to miss the dramatic conclusion.

In other Heidi-related news, Please Sir is out and it is hot!! The blog tour has begun, but you can check out past posts and future stops on the tour right below. Make sure to buy the book, you won't be sorry. Just click on the link in the slideshow on my sidebar. And, you can read my interview about my story, Long Time Gone, right here.

Please Sir Vitual Book Tour stops:

May 22 Beth Wylde
May 28
May 29
May 30


Emerald said...

Hi Heidi!

So I am way behind, and thus I just got done listening to Part 1 of your interview. (Really, I have been online so unusually little the past week.)

I very much enjoyed it! And your voice sounds great. :) I so love Dr. Dick, and it was a pleasure to listen to the two of you.

Looking forward to listening to Part 2!

And congrats on meeting your deadlines.

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Em! No worries, as you know, the podcasts stay up forever! I had such a good time talking to him, it felt so natural, like we had known each other forever.

Glad to have you back in cyberspace!! Just got my copies of Please Sir. Can't wait to read your story!