Monday, March 22, 2010

One Last Thing That You Regretted, Before It Fell Apart

Sometimes I wonder why there isn't a referee for life. You know, when you get the "great" idea to remove a giant hedge from your garden, there should be someone in a striped shirt there to stop you before you get in over your head. Alas, life provides no such safety net, but the shrub was vanquished and despite the sore muscles, it was worth it. There is no better feeling than a job well done, and that little bugger had it coming anyway.

Well, the random selector had no trouble picking a winner for the Filament Magazine I had on offer. I thought it might be a little more popular, but I'm just happy it will be going to a good home. So, my Anonymous posting friend, please drop me a line at hlchampa [at] comcast [dot] net and I'll send you the magazine as soon as possible.

This week marks the beginning of the Australian Rules Football season, and I couldn't be happier. To that end, the Man Candy is from Down Under and his name is Andrew Mackie. Isn't he delicious??

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