Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Been Packed Away, And I Can't Get To It, No Way

I hope everyone has recovered from their St. Patrick's Day festivities. Mine were low key and consisted of spring cleaning my living room, a nice dinner and enjoying the warm, lovely weather.

I was also celebrating some good news, that my story, Breaking The Habit will be published in the upcoming all-male threesome anthology, Necking, from Dreamspinner Press. The release date will be in May and I'll keep you posted on the details.

Since I'm in the spring cleaning mood, I have a copy of Filament Magazine's sizzling hot fourth issue I'd like to find a good home for. All you have to do is drop me a comment and I'll let the random selector choose a winner.

So, let me know what's up, what's new, anything at all, really. You could be the lucky winner!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Heidi! I think my brain melted somewhere between the words "all-male" and "threesome": sounds amazing. I've been loving Filament for a while and craving issue 4, so I humbly submit myself (appropriate, no?) to the giveaway. Thanks...

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anon. It is a great issue of Filament, and I look forward to giving it away.

Kristina Wright said...

I keep hearing about FIlament and from Janine's review, it sounds like I need a subscription! Congratulations!

(I hadn't visited in awhile and just spend several lovely minutes enjoying the man candy. Thanks!)