Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Tell Me How I Was In The Morning

I remember with fondness a time when I could stay up all night with no problem. A few cups of coffee and maybe a nap the next day would be all it took to set me straight. Sure, there would be the giggles and the delirious conversations, but all in all, I could do it. I found out the hard way that those days are long over.

This weekend, in an attempt to catch game 1 of the Geelong Cats season live, the man and I were planning on just staying up all night and watch. The game started at 4:40am. We thought we had done so well. We went to the diner at 1:30am to get some food and then stopped by the store for some Vault. It is truly a magical drink. While we waited for the action to start, we busied ourselves with movies and the internet. Once the game started, adrenalin provided the boost we needed to get started. But, as halftime approached, and 6am was upon us, I was fading. I hung on as long as I could and we were vindicated with a win by the Cats.

The next day found us completely punch drunk and stupid, and in bed super early. The weekend was effectively useless as we recovered, laying around like hibernating animals. It is official, we are too old for this shit. Oh well . . . at least we can be thankful that next week's game is at midnight.

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