Monday, October 12, 2009

Words Are Very Unnecessary

Completely unnecessary. But, not in the way you might think. Right now, I need more words. Words on the page seem to be all that matter right now. But, the words I'm putting here, they are starting to feel unneeded.

This week, there didn't seem to be much to post about. Sure, there were things I could have said, things I could have gone on about. But, instead, I chose silence. It's funny, when my voice was gone, all I wanted to do was talk. Now that my voice is back, I find there is less to say. It's odd. Maybe I feel like I'm shouting out into the world and nothing but an echo is coming back. Or, maybe I'm just enjoying the quiet.

Or, maybe I just prefer pictures. Man Candy always seems to be the right thing, no matter what the circumstance. Right now, I'd rather fill the void with him. I'm sure my feelings will change again, but for right now, this is it.


neve black said...

Silence is a good thing sometimes. I think it's a sign of intelligence. An interesting person lives in that silence. That person goes deep inside themselves for some true introspection.

Love the man candy, man.

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Neve. I like him too.

Working on that introspection thing. Let you know how it goes.

Erobintica said...

words? umm, a picture is worth a thousand, hahaha

Heidi Champa said...

Funny, Robin. There's only one word I can think of when I look at that guy. HOT!!