Saturday, May 30, 2009

You’re Love Is A Perfect Blindfold For Me

I hadn't entered any of Alison Tyler's contests in a while, so I took my chances a few weeks ago and put up a story. The prompt was interesting so I couldn't resist. So here is my story snippet. Please to enjoy.

Heighten The Senses

I lay on the bed, my naked body against the flannel sheets. I started running my hands down my chest, stopping to tweak each hard nipple. My mouth fell open, small moans escaping my lips.

“Nipples, right?”

My hands continued their downward journey, a small giggle bubbling over when I tickled my own hipbone.

“I love that your hips are so ticklish, even when you touch yourself.”
“Me too.”

My breath was hard and fast when I got to my wet pussy. I hesitated, pausing a few long seconds before I gently eased my cunt lips apart. The room was silent, until I rubbed a finger over the hard nub of my clit. My moan filled the room, bouncing back in a thick echo. I kept going, two fingers now sliding over and around my hot button.

“I love it when you touch your clit like that.”
“How do you know that’s what I’m doing?”
“Because that’s the sound you make when I touch you there.”

He would never see my face contort in pleasure when I came. This had become part of our ritual; him memorizing every sound I made.I heard him come towards me, and sit on the edge of the bed. I slid a finger inside my pussy, too hot to stop. I cried out again, pushing my head back into the mattress. The hot daylight streamed through the windows, and he closed his unseeing eyes before he kissed my neck, releasing another sweet moan from my lips.

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