Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Hairy High And Low, Don't Ask Me Why, Don't Know

Now, I'm all for lady-scaping. I like to keep myself neat and clean. But, this Schick Quattro commercial has me a bit miffed. If you watch the video, you'll see that women walk by little shrubbery and as their crotch goes by it, the shrub turns into a topiary. Specifically, from a bushy natural look to a triangle or a little strip of greenery.

It's not that the product isn't useful or even pretty cool, it's that my pubic hair, and by association my vagina needs to be "transformed." What if I like it just the way it is? I like her, she likes me, and I'm not about to give her low self-esteem.

Maybe I'm over reacting. I mean, I do enjoy a good salon visit for a cut and color. So, maybe my cha-cha would like some of the same attention. This handy-dandy device just might do the trick.

But, maybe, just maybe, my pubic hair doesn't need so much media attention. I think most women have better things to worry about then whether or not their hair down there is in perfect condition. We could have a whole argument about the media and how it makes women feel bad about their natural bodies, but who has the time when we have so much unruly hair to attend to? I'd be happier if the male counterpart for this product was advertised for the same purpose, but that guy just trims his sideburns. I think there are plenty of men out there who could use some gardening, too. Think about it Schick.



Greazy Tony said...

It’s funny how this always seems to work out. When you were talking about this last night we were saying that they don’t have an ad like this for guys. Now, they do, of course appealing to a man’s need to look bigger:

Anonymous said...

cha cha?! that cracked me up.
I agree..... geez.. don't we as women have enough pressure?

Erobintica said...

hahaha - "when there's no underbrush the tree looks taller" -

I can't help thinking of those topiary animals.

all I know, is that at the rate the rest of my hair grows... or is that TMI? hehehe