Friday, May 1, 2009

Rising Up To The Challenge of Our Rival

A few months ago, the lovely Kathryn O'Halloran invited me to join her Australian Rules Football fantasy league. How could I say no? I do love my men in tiny shorts. But, I made the mistake of inviting my husband to join the league as well. Now, we a pitted against each other this week in a battle for supremacy. This weekend, it's war. My team, Ranga Management versus his team, Footy Pajamas.

The rules of Dreamteam, as it is called, are different than our fantasy leagues here in the states. Instead of choosing from one big pool of players with no two teams having the same guys, in Dreamteam, you can choose whomever you want, just as long as you stay under your salary cap. Since my hubby and I follow the same team, we have quite a few players in common. That complicates the whole winning thing. I just have to hope I chose correctly and the footy gods smile on me.

So, wish me luck in kicking his ass. I'm going to need it.

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kathrynoh said...

My dream team is going down big time... and not in a good way! Good luck this week :D