Monday, May 4, 2009

Planning a Future of Failures Inflicted in Phone Calls

Sorry I'm so late to the Man Candy party. But, I had to recover from my weekend. I'm still depressed over my 22 point loss, and I was working a major sleep deficit. I have resurfaced, and, I'm ready to start my week.

I got some good news this weekend. Alison Tyler put up some smoking hot reviews of Playing With Fire on the book blog of the same name. And, Coffee Time Romance put up a good review of the Men In Shorts anthology published by Ravenous Romance. Both books happen to feature yours truly.

Now that I am fortified, I can get to work. Enjoy the candy, I know I will.


Cora Zane said...

Sorry for the loss. On the otherhand, congrats on those great reviews!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Cora. I appreciate it. 22 points sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. But, I'm getting over it.

The reviews helped a lot.