Monday, May 11, 2009

All That You're Concealing Are The Things That Are Good In You

It was a very busy weekend. Friday, it was drinks with my heartbroken friend, Janis. She had to let a boy go, even though she loves him very much. Needless to say, shots of Jager were involved. I don't know how much good it did, but I was happy to be with her in her hour of need. All those drinks made it hard to stay up late, but I pushed through. I had to, the footy was on. After another win, it was time for some 3 am pillow talk and then bed.

Saturday was all about me and my man. A day trip, some delicious Mexican food and some cannoli for the road. I know they don't exactly go together, but when in Little Italy calls, you have to answer.

Sunday was lazy. Even though I didn't head home to see my Mom, she was well taken care of by my siblings, and we chatted on the phone. She truly is a saint, and I got a chance to tell her just how much I appreciate her. Though, I prefer real hugs to virtual ones.

Now, it's time for another week. I wasn't terribly productive over the weekend, but I've got some stories bubbling up at the moment. I can't wait to get them down. Enjoy your Man Candy. Here's to a good start to the week.

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