Friday, January 30, 2009

Stranger Things Have Happened, I Know

In both of my classes, we've had a lot of discussion about the idea that truth is often stranger than fiction. I have always agreed with that, as a lot of strange stuff has happened in my life. There are many stories I tell that are put in the "no way that really happened" category. But, I swear they are true. If you're nice enough, maybe I'll tell you a few.

I added to that collect again this week, during my yearly lady-parts exam at my gynecologist. Since my beloved finally has decent health insurance, I can go to a doctor that is not only convenient but cool. I like my doctor a lot. She actually takes time to talk to me, and is very open with any questions I have. There is only one complaint I have about her. In the exam room, facing the business end of the exam table, is a black and white photo. And, every time I go for my annual exam this photo creeps me out.

So what, you ask? It's just a photo, Heidi. Get a grip. Well, let me explain. It is a wedding photo. I don't know if my doctor's child is the groom or the bride. But, that isn't the weird part. It is the way the photo is taken. It is one of those over-the-shoulder-glance photos, where the happy couple are gazing back at the camera as they walk forward into their life together. And, the look on the groom's face is the problem. His eyebrow is slanted up, as if to say, "why am I looking at that?" I know in my head that the photo can't see me, but it is by far one of the most off putting things I have ever encountered in a doctor's office.

So, this photo is staring at me as my feet are in the stirrups. They are turning around to look at my who-who-dilly as my doctor is talking me through the procedure. I just wonder why the doctor chose to put the picture there, of all places. After all, she does have an office. Wouldn't the lovely couple be happier in there? I can only hope that someday when I go back, the photo will be gone. I mean, how do I tell my doctor that a picture staring at my business is too much for me to handle? She'd probably refer me to the shrinks down the street.

I couldn't make this stuff up. Does this stuff happen to anyone else, or is it just me?


Neve Black said...

Hi Heidi,
Yes, I think that photo would bother me too. I do think it's very odd for your doctor to place said photo in her exam room. Maybe she thinks this will make her patients feel more comfortable; offering a personal touch (no pun). It's also rather awkward to broach the subject...I mean what do say and when do you say it?

Also, I think when you're tuned into things as much as you obviously are, you see things that others don't always see.

I can see a story brewing in your head, Heidi!!

EllaRegina said...

I would seriously ask her why she has that photo there. If the bride or groom is a family member that's lovely but not appropriate for a gynecologist's examination room.

If the people in the photograph are not her relations but it's more of a sight gag like "Oh, we see you, haha!," I still don't find it belongs there.

I think that's a very loaded image to have in a gynecologist's office, specifically. I think you need neutral images in medical settings, or ones that everyone can relate to, a near-impossible task.

I would be lying there thinking "Why am I looking at that? Not just looking, but forced to look at it.

I could go into gorier details of why I think this is inappropriate and the various women it might bother, but I think I'll stop, unless your beloved's health insurance would get me into group therapy with you. ;-)

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