Friday, October 31, 2008

So I Meet You At The Cemetry Gates

I simply adore Halloween. When I was younger, I would grow anxious for its arrival almost as much as I did for Christmas. The thought of putting on the costumes, walking around in the cool darkness and most importantly, getting all the candy.

My cousin was almost always my partner in crime for this special night. As a matter of fact, all my fondest memories of Halloween involve her. We were a set of dice, big cardboard boxes painted white with black dots. My mom drove us around in our van, as it was the only vehicle big enough to fix our costumes into. We ruled that year.

When we got a bit older, we dressed up as a little old couple. My cousin complained because she had to be the boy, but it made for the best comedic effect. Plus, as the older one, I still could boss her around a bit. We hit the thrift store and my mom's closet for the most outlandish stereotyped "old people" outfits. I have to say, that one might be my favorite of all our ventures. I only have an old Polaroid picture, or I could show you all how brilliant it was. We also were a dead bride and groom, Simon and Robert of The Cure and countless other pointless and silly things over the years.

I miss that time, and I miss the feeling I used to get sharing those times with her. We are still close, but nothing can ever replace those days in my mind. Enjoy your Halloween everyone. I've got plenty to do, and plenty of news coming. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, save me a Kit Kat.

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Anonymous said...

i ALWAYS had to be the man. i still bitch about that.

(seriously, i wouldn't have done it for anyone but you.)

happy halloween!

~ if, when we are old, we end up in the same nursing home, and there is trick or treating, i want to go with you, and recapture some of that silly magic of our youth. i call dibs on being the woman, though. consider it repayment for the dove bar incident. ;)