Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment

My friend Janis and I had been too busy lately to hang out properly. We decided to remedy this last night and meet up at our old haunt to down some cheap beer and eat some cheap tacos. It was going to be a classic meet-up. Talk shit, talk football, solve the world's problems (both political and personal) and head home.

When I saw her, I gave Janis a big hug, since it had been over a month since our last visit. And, plus we are kind of over the top like that sometimes. Well, you might have thought we offered all the guys at the bar a lap dance. One guy in particular seemed overly interested in our hug and our "relationship." He kept walking by, interrupting us and encouraging us to "get friendly" again.

Why do guys do shit like that? Why can't I hug my girlfriend and have a good time without someone saying something stupid? Somehow I don't think two guys hugging would have been such a crowd pleaser. In the end, it was no big deal, but it is just so typical. Grow up guys, seriously.

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