Monday, September 29, 2008

You Swore You'd Never Tell…

Another day, another anonymous contest on Alison Tyler's blog. These are such fun. This one was about kissing, so needless to say I couldn't resist writing up a little something. Last time, I won. This time, I was equal 4th. Not bad, I think. There were some really kick-ass entries. Check them all out here.

Here is my story, Say It Again.

The bedroom wall in my back, your thigh between my legs. Your lips pushed mine, pulled mine, opened mine. The warm, wet slip of your tongue against me. It was a true, possessive kiss. My hands around your neck, I wanted you deeper. But, you pulled back, barely touching your lips to mine. Your hands on either side of my face, reducing me to whimpers and moans. Softly begging for another crush of your mouth, another taste of you. I licked your bottom lip, but you just smiled. A few seconds ticked by, neither of us moved.

"Fuck, just kiss me."
It was all I could say. You gave me another smile.
You knew what you did to me. You were proud. The first time you kissed me, I knew it was all over. I would never fully recover. But, I kept thinking, in time, it would change. It wouldn’t hit me so hard every time you ran your finger slowly over my bottom lip. That the taste of your mouth wouldn’t turn my guts to jelly forever. I thought I’d get used to you, someday. But, that day still hadn’t come. I had come to realize it probably never would. You pressed your thumb on my chin, opening my mouth just a bit more. You stared at my lips, devouring me with your eyes before your mouth had the chance.
"Say it again."
"Fuck, just kiss me."

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Neve Black said...

Hi Heidi,
I just finished Tasting Him last night. I so enjoyed your story...nasty, naughty young lady under neath her man's desk giving him oral he'll never forget. Very creative and very sexy. :-)

I'm writing an Amazon review for this book, like I did for Tasting Her.