Sunday, September 7, 2008

Make A Break, Another Escape

I take my laptop everywhere, in the hopes that when the mood strikes I can get some writing done. I did the same thing this weekend, when I headed to the homestead for a wedding. But, between everything I had to do, and everything I ended up doing, very little writing was done. I could blame the bride and groom, or my niece's affinity for carousels. But, there is really only one big culprit for my distraction this weekend. Men in tiny shorts.

I am a big fan of Australian Rules Football, and this weekend started the finals. That's Australian for playoffs. My team, the Geelong Cats finished the season 21-1. Guess who was lucky enough to fly all the way to Australia to see them lose that game? That's right, ME!! I know there are those out there who share my love of the game (Craig, I'm looking at you!) But, I think I can safely say that, while we both love the game, I love it for one extra reason. The players are hot, you see. They spend all their time running around in minimal clothing with some of the best bodies in sports. And, in the case of my Cats this weekend, in the rain. It is sometimes too much for a girl to handle!

So, as my Cats were victorious this weekend, they get the week off. Thank God. Maybe now I can get back to work. While they are distracting, they can also prove very inspirational.
*Kathryn, I'm sorry I forgot you! It was late, forgive me. This one is for you!


kathrynoh said...

Well I have to agree with you on the footy code if not the team :D

Craig Sorensen said...

That is wild that the one game you get to, they lose? Bummer!

But they seem to be making up for it in your absence. They're having a helluva a season!

Heidi Champa said...

Kathryn, sorry about the Crows. I thought they'd get through.

Craig, I have accepted the fact that it was my fault they lost. I did get to see Hawthorn win the week before, though. Whoopie. ;)

Helluva season indeed. Here's hoping a Brownlow and a Premiership to go with it again this year.

I LOVE YOU said...


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