Thursday, May 16, 2013

Raised on a Feeling Our Lives Will Have Meaning Eventually

It's impossible for me to fathom that May is half over. This year is moving along so fast, it's hard to find time to stop and look around at everything that's happened. I'm working on some more in depth posts, but they are on the back burner right now due to some deadlines I'm up against.

But, I did want to drop by and mention that my novella, Go Coastal made the Amber Allure Top 10 Bestseller list for the month of April. And, it was only out for three days of the month. Not to shabby. I posted the whole list below. And, if you haven't checked out the book yet, what are you waiting for? Click right here and get your copy.

AMBER ALLURE / April 2013

1. Threadbare Gypsy Souls - T. A. Chase (Gay / Werewolf)
2. Needing Seth - Shawn Lane (Gay / Contemporary)
3. Going Down - Cassandra Gold (Gay / Contemporary)
4. Three Little Words - Allison Cassatta (Gay / Contemporary)
5. Revving It Up - Sean Michael (Gay / Contemporary)
6. Aria Of The Eclipse - Vivien Dean (Gay / Futuristic)
7. The Beat - D. J. Manly (Gay / Contemporary)
8. Go Coastal - Heidi Champa (Gay / Contemporary) **THAT'S ME!!!**
9. Cherish - A. J. Llewellyn (Gay / Contemporary)
10. A Little Bit Of Country - Christiane France (Gay / Contemporary)

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