Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And, To Sew Up the Seams After All This Defeat

The day I feared would come has arrived. I've been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league. To add insult to considerable injury, it was my dear husband who put the nail in my coffin, lowered it into the ground and threw dirt on me.

I'm devastated at this news, although it really comes as no surprise. I'm consoled by the fact that I was beset on all sides by bad luck and managed, in all my losses, to score the third most points in the league. Maybe next year, with my three first round picks......

In related news, I got a wonderful review of my new novella, Number One Pick. You can read the whole thing right here at the wonderful site, Reviews by Jessewave. The story is all about a fantasy football league, so it seems fitting.

And, if you haven't yet procured yourself a copy, run right over here and do so now. It's the perfect holiday gift. I mean, who doesn't want smut for the holidays?

My Man Candy this week is quite fetching. Just the thing I needed to pick up my spirits after my crushing defeat.


kathrynoh said...

I'm hopeless at fantasy footy cos I just pick players on looks. Like in the AFL one, I want Ben Cousins. I don't care if he's long retired now, I want him in my team.

Heidi Champa said...

I do the same thing with Dreamteam, Kathryn. That's why Jimmy Bartel is always on my team. :)

With American football, it's not so much of a concern, because they wear helmets and I wouldn't know what most of them look like.