Monday, July 16, 2012

I Don't Know Anymore, What Am I Waiting For?

If I could sum up the way I'm feeling right now, I'd have to say over it. I'm over it. What is 'it' you might be asking? Everything. I'm over it all. I feel this incredible need to detox the unnecessary from my life. To take a break from caring about everything and give my psyche a break. A chance to take a breath and not have to think about something mundane and pointless every minute of every day. Some time off from worrying about things I can't control, waiting for emails that never seem to come and laying down at night riddled with anxiety about something so trite, it isn't even worth my time.

So, in that vein, I'm taking the week off. Not from work or from life, but from the Internet. I'm giving the great time sucking devices the heave ho for a bit. Facebook, Twitter, email, Yahoo, Goodreads, etc. will all be well and fine without me for a while. If you need to get in touch, feel free, I'll get back to you as soon as I'm done sticking my head in the sand for a while. Those who truly need to get in touch know how. Everyone else, with all due respect, I'll catch you on the flip.

Until then, I've programmed some Man Candy posts for my absence. Please to enjoy. Unless something earth-shatteringly important happens while I'm gone, I'll see you seven days hence. Oh, and say hello to the Australian Olympic Swim Team.

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