Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Your Words Devour My Heart and Put Me to Shame

It has been a massively productive time in my life. Not only are the words flying better than they have in a while, our house selling preparations are going quite well. We spent the whole weekend painting, throwing things away and also having massive amounts of fun. We'll get out of here yet. The horizon is calling. . .

In writerly related news, I have several good things to report. Xcite Books saw fit to include my story, Play It Again, in their e-book collection, Pleasure Me which comes out in July. If you can't wait until then, a 5 story collection containing the same story is available on June 7th, called The Heat in Greece. Feel free to check them both out! Also, a classic story of mine, Behind Those Eyes, is the featured story on The Erotic Woman at the minute. If you haven't read it yet, do so right now!

Also, the countdown in on to the release of my first novel, Losing and Gaining!! Only twenty days to go!!! More information coming very soon!

I think we all deserve this Man Candy this week. Don't you?

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