Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a Long, Long Ways and So High Up Above

True to my word, I'm here blogging on a Wednesday. I don't know whether I am truly making progress or just treading water, trying not to backslide. How can you really tell? Forward momentum seems hard to measure sometimes. Without tangible evidence of what has been accomplished, how can you decide how well you are doing? I'm still not sure.

I have adopted a popular theory to combat this problem: One day at a time. I really can't ask more of myself than that, can I? But, it's hard not to get discouraged. When you expect things of yourself and fall short, there is no one else to blame. No one to point to as the reason why things didn't get done, no one to scapegoat. That sucks! Accountability is hard enough, but when you are only beholden only to yourself, what do you do? Failure looms large and it's hard not to feel like your letting yourself down when you fall short of the goals. But, as I said in the first sentence, One day at a time.

Honoring my commitment to this blog helps. Baby steps are still steps, after all.


Craig Sorensen said...

"Baby step, untie my knots."

Go, Heidi, go!

princess1128 said...

I need a goldfish in a jar that I can wear around my neck. That would be cool. Keep at it my Ween you're doing fine.