Monday, October 3, 2011

And, We'll Keep on Fighting, To the End

Well, after a week away from home and a lot of words written, I'd say the whole thing was a success. Of course, there is always more to be done. I'm about half way through my next novella, and things are progressing nicely. It was nice to be really disconnected and have no distractions. I wish I could live that way every day, but I do miss having that connection to the outside world. But, forcing myself to be off the Internet showed me how much time I do waste, when I should be writing. Hopefully, I can remember that going forward.

While I was away, a few things happened. My story, Working Late, is now available in an e-book anthology Cowgirl Honeymoon, from Xcite Books. It's also part of the paperback anthology, Explicit Encounters, which will be available soon. Stay tuned for details. There's more good news on the way, which I will hopefully be able to share soon.

And, a big congratulations to my Geelong Cats, for winning their third premiership in 5 years. Well done, boys. So, to that end, a bit of Cats Man Candy this week.


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