Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Got Truth In Times of Fiction

I got some good news today, Best Lesbian Erotica 2011 is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award!! I am so proud to be a part of this collection and have my fingers crossed that it is honored with the award. The best part, the event is being hosted by Lea DeLaria, who was the guest judge for the book and also wrote the introduction. Sounds like fate to me!

I did something fairly scary recently, well I should say scary for me. I let some deadlines pass me by. For the last year or so, I've been trying to hit as many deadlines as I can for various collections and anthologies. It has served me well, keeping me busy and letting me write a variety of different stories with an amazing array of themes. But, I've felt the need for a long time to 'do my own thing', for lack of a better way to say it. It's a scary prospect in some ways, not having a set goal, a set theme or a deadline pushing me to keep writing. But, I have to do it. In a lot of ways, I feel like I have no choice. I have to take the leap, and if I fall, well, so be it.

Tonight, we are going to see Henry Rollins at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. This will be the sixth time I've seen him do a spoken word show. It will take all of my strength to not hurl myself on stage and hump him silly. If that does happen to occur, at least I can go to jail happy! I'll be back tomorrow with a recap!


Anonymous said...

ooohhhhh. hope it was awesome -- and that you did not have to sit on some filthydirty floor during the show...

Heidi Champa said...

Thank goodness those days are long behind me. Or should I say us, anonymous!