Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't You Know That It's Time To Get On Board

In honor of the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride in NYC and all over the world, here is an excerpt of my story, Three Stops Away, about that very subject. It appears in the collection, Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women edited by the fabulous Rachel Kramer Bussel. You can check out the book blog here. Please to enjoy.

As I walked down the steps to the subway, my fingers were tingling. And, it wasn’t just because of the temperature. It was cold, but my shaking body had less to do with my forgotten scarf and more to do with what lay ahead of me that morning. When I reached the platform, I looked around at my fellow commuters, wondering who was going to be brave enough to join me. Everyone looked unassuming enough, reading papers or books, bobbing their heads to the music pumping directly into their heads. The crowd wasn’t as big as I expected, but there were more than enough people to make me sweat in my winter coat. I had spent hours picking out my clothes, making sure I looked good for what was about to happen.

The train was coming, the telltale whoosh of air hit me square in the face as the screeching and scraping grew louder and louder. The crowd around me jostled forward, and I was swept up in the momentum as the doors opened and we all piled inside. Following the flow, I grabbed the first seat I could find, and found myself breathing heavy as the doors dinged and shuddered to a close. As if on cue, everyone around me started shucking off their pants and skirts, pulling them off and shoving them into their bags. I hesitated, watching all the commuters joining in the fun, but I stayed frozen in my seat. I wanted to join in, that was the whole reason I got on the train. But, something was holding me back. The train started moving, but my pants were still right where they should be.

My cheeks flushed, in some sort of bizarre reverse embarrassment. Wearing pants actually made me stick out like a sore thumb, everyone else proudly displaying their panties, boxers and briefs. I thought of the time I spent searching for the panties I was wearing, trying to find the most flattering fit and style. My bedroom floor was littered with inappropriate candidates, each one discarded for various offenses. All that work had been for nothing as I sat on the molded plastic seat, everyone else showing off their wild, crazy or vintage looks. One pair in particular caught my attention. The purple and yellow patterned boxers made me notice the nicely shaped legs they sat on, the dark hair accenting the pale skin perfectly. My eyes continued upwards, taking in the tall frame of the rider, who was also looking at me. His eyes immediately dropped to my denim- covered legs and smiled broadly. My mouth fell open as I watched him walk towards me, his bag slipping off his shoulder. His naked legs had me mesmerized, but I managed to meet his eyes when he stopped in front of me.

“Don’t you think you are a little overdressed for this ride?”

His eyes again hit my legs, my clothing even more obvious amongst all the other naked legs.

“I guess I chickened out.”

My face burned as he sat down next to me, a presumptuous hand resting on my knee. I knew I should knock it away, or at the very least question him about it. But, I did neither, choosing instead to revel in the heat of his palm and the smell of his cologne.

“Chickened out? Come on, there’s still time. It’s not like you alone. It’s kind of the whole point of being on the train today. Just yank ‘em off. I promise, it’s painless. Well, it’s cold, but other than that, you should be fine. After all, you are breaking the rules. That’s why they call it the No Pants Subway Ride.”

I knew he was right, but something was still holding me back from joining the crowd. As I was about to voice my objections, he grabbed my hand and pulled me up, our bodies almost touching. I grasped the metal pole in the center of the car, steadying myself against the sway of the train. I focused on staying upright and tried to buy time to keep my pants on. When his hand dropped to my belt buckle, I reached to stop him, but instead I found my fingers twined with his. He leaned his face right in front of mine and killed me with his whisper.

“Come on, you know you want to.”

His eyes were such a deep brown, it felt like he was staring right inside me. My objections started to melt in my mind, becoming less and less important as he pressed harder against me. Letting go of my hand, I didn’t prevent him from opening my belt and buttons, my pants soon pooled around my ankles. I stood stunned, the rest of the passengers oblivious, as he bent down and pulled my pants from my feet. I waited for him to stand up right away, but when I looked at him, I noticed his lips heading towards my thigh. My eyes darted around the car, expecting to see everyone staring at us. But, instead, no one seemed to notice as his mouth licked and kissed his way towards my now exposed panties. His hand pressed into my flesh, the pad of his thumb stroking circles near the back of my knee.

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