Monday, June 14, 2010

And I Once Held On To You So Tightly

I spent my weekend overdosing on nostalgia. You see, today, sixteen long years ago, I graduated from high school. So, I put on my flannel shirt, laced up my old ratty Doc Martens and went back to all those classic tunes that I loved so much back then. I was inches away from busting out my old tape deck, but I refrained.

I'm getting ready to start on my new project today, after finally finishing my outline and research. It's another novella length piece, and I'm excited to get some words down on the old computer screen. I've put it off long enough, shockingly, but now I'm ready to stop messing around and get down to it.

I have some more good news to report, but I have to wait just a little bit longer to share. So, until then, I leave you with some Man Candy and a fond hello from the year 1994.


princess1128 said...

Ah yes...20 years ago Friday (6/11) I crossed that stage too. What a lifetime ago...

Heidi Champa said...

Shoot, girl . . . you is old!!! :)

Craig Sorensen said...


You're both a couple of whippersnappers. (I hope you can hear these words in my curmudgeon voice.)

Put it this way. The number of years ago you graduated? Times 2.

I'm an old buzzard, but I can appreciate Dave Grohl, even if in a more musical than man-candy sense.

Even the Verification Word god knows I'm old. It calls me "fumpaw."

I kid you not.

Heidi Champa said...

I'm sorry Blogger made you feel old, Craig. That's not right.

I do love a good curmudgeon voice, though!!