Friday, May 28, 2010

A Better Attitude, A Futuristic Mood

The WIP is no longer in progress, because it is DONE!!!! I'm so excited to have completed the story, 25k words strong. I'm now in the editing process and getting ready to send it out into the interwebs, hoping it finds a good home.

I think all this good stuff calls for a cocktail. Wait, I mean, Cocktale!! That's right, I have two more stories appearing in the fabulous Xcite E-book series Cocktales. This time, my story, Screaming in Silence, is in the Cocktales: Screaming Orgasm collection and my story, The Last Ride, is in the Cocktales: Temptation collection. They join my other story, Room 555, in the Cocktales: Between the Sheets. These collections are resonably priced, and full of wonderful stories by wonderful writers such as Sommer Marsden, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Kay Jaybee, Charlotte Stein and Elizabeth Coldwell. How can you refuse? Do something nice for yourself before the long holiday weekend.

Now, to finish my synopsis and send my story away. Wish me luck!


Jeremy Edwards said...

The WIP is no longer in progress, because it is DONE!!!!

Congrats!! So I guess now it's a WID ("Work Is Done")?

And congrats also on all your screamingly orgasmic cocks 'n' tails!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks, Jeremy. It does feel really good!