Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All the Young Dudes, Carry the News

As promised, more good news. The lovely and wonderful Sommer Marsden is releasing two hot collections instead of just one. Dirtyville and Kinkyville look to be incredible and I'm super excited my story, Today's Special is included within Dirtyville's electronic pages. Check out the lineups.


The Dentist's Wife by Scarlett Greyson
Bulldozers and Communion by P.S. Haven
Grip by City Different
Population 32 by Alison Tyler
Only On Sundays by Emma Hillman
Red Light, Green Light by Cora Zane
Bosier Green by Angela Caperton
The Water-Cooler Routine by Jeremy Edwards
Not Of This Place by Willsin Rowe
The Good Wife by T. Harrison
The Sweetshop Owner's Daughter by Vida Bailey
Today's Special by Heidi Champa
The Girl Next Door by Sommer Marsden


Crazed by Charlotte Stein
Weather Man by Shanna Germain
Daddy's Bad Girl by Parker Ford
Let Them Eat Crow by Alison Tyler
You Suck by Benjamin Eliot
Desert by Lux Zakari
Punishment Befitting The Crime by D.L. King
Barber's Pole by J.D. Waters
Saturday Night by Angell Brooks
The Goth Girl by Rita Winchester
Strawberry Social by Scarlett Greyson
Little Loan by May Deva
Music Lessons by Sommer Marsden

In addition, my contributor copies of College Boys, edited by Shane Allison arrived yesterday. It is smoking hot and my story, Right Way, Wrong Way, is in tremendously good company. Now, if only it wouldn't be so hot.

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