Friday, February 5, 2010

From That Point On I Reach My Destination

Anyone who knows me knows that I am loathe to talk about the weather. I just hate it so much. Especially snow. The intense panic that has settled over the area is making me crazy. My weekend plans are shot, but I am truly okay with it. I finally have the chance to kick back after a very hectic, but wonderful week. I can sit in my house, cuddle up, relax and not have to worry about doing a thing.

So, let the world go mad. I've been to the grocery store, ran all my errands and have nothing to do but sit and watch the world go by. Here's hoping you can do the same.

How about some good news for the weekend? In addition to watching the big game on Sunday, take a moment to check out Ravenous Romance and the book of the day, Tight Ends. It includes my story, An American Tight End in Australia. The story combines two of my great loves. Cute, athletic boys and Australia. How can you lose?

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