Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's Deadly, Man, She Could Really Rip Your World Apart

I promised some good things, and now I shall deliver. My heart is doing a bit of a flip-flop on this one, as I am excited as hell to be a part of this book. Please, Ma'am, the companion to Please, Sir, looks to be a fucking fantastic book. My story, The Crack of the Bat, is included, and might be one of my favorite stories that I've ever written. It came to me like a vision while in the shower, and I wrote it all in one shot. I am so proud of it, and am so glad that it will get to be seen and read by people. It is also amazing to be in such great company with so many outstanding writers. I can't wait to see this book!

So, here is the complete line-up of the book. And, how much do I love this book cover?

Table of Contents

I Live to Serve -Teresa Noelle Roberts
It’s Not Me It’s You -Charlotte Stein
A Charmed Life - Isabelle Gray
A Maze, and Grace - Elizabeth Coldwell
Inside the Pride - Remittance Girl
Modern Major General - Craig J. Sorensen
Mr. February - Madeline Elayne
Frozen - A.D.R. Forte
Thrift Store Whore - Sommer Marsden
Porch Swing -Dominic Santi
Paypig - Michael Hemmingson
The Crack of the Bat - Heidi Champa (There I Am!)
Dressing for Dinner - Giselle Renarde
Living Rough - Ariel Graham
Pick a Color - D.L. King
Houseboy - Rachel Kramer Bussel
The Unhappy Table - Lee Ash
I’ll Do It. For Her. - Graydancer


Emerald said...

Congratulations, Heidi! How lovely that you enjoyed writing and feel so proud of the story. :) Yay for you!!

Heidi Champa said...

Thanks Emerald. I'm proud of all my stories, but this one just really worked for me.