Monday, December 28, 2009

So Goodbye, Sweet Appetite

I'm seriously thinking of never eating again. After all the over-indulging I did over the weekend and during the Christmas festivities, it might be in my best interest.

Despite my food binge, it was a great time. It was great to see everyone and get a few presents along the way. Now, I'm ready to get back down to it. Well, so I think, anyway. Time will tell.

The only candy I'm allowing myself this week is Man Candy. Less calories that way.


Danielle said...

ha..i so know what you mean..on the second day of christmas i already gave all my cookies and sweets away swearing that i ll never eat again

Heidi Champa said...

Sounds like a plan, Danielle. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. And, have a great New Year!!