Thursday, December 10, 2009

More In My Mind Than In My Pocket

I spoke too soon about my cold. My sinuses are really bothering me and I'm feeling like crap. I did, however, get some good news about my car. I thought it wasn't long for this world, since it was in need of a major and costly repair that we can't afford. It was also in need of a state inspection that we let go for a couple of months while we thought about ditching it all together. Turns out, despite its torque converter issues, it still passed inspection. So, now we can drive it until the thing falls apart and then cut our loses.

More good news, The Erotic Woman has my story Behind Those Eyes up as the feature story today. It was the first thing I ever sent to them and I'm happy to see it back in the limelight. There's also some more good news on the horizon, which I want to share. But, it will have to wait a wee bit longer.

Now, where did I put those tissues?

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