Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh, I’ll Be A Good Boy, Please Make Me Well

I hope you have all returned from your Turkey Day coma unscathed. I do love me some Thanksgiving food. As a matter of fact, we had some leftovers last night for dinner. Mmmm, good. Despite my eating hearty, the scale remains unmoved, which is a huge plus. All that walking me and the man are doing must be paying off. It doesn't hurt that it has been so beautiful lately.

I didn't get a thing accomplished this weekend, so it looks to be another busy week for me. Just how I like it. My mind is full of naughty things and they are all crying out to be typed. And, typed hard. . . . Sorry, couldn't resist a little joke there.

So, here's to another Man Candy Monday. Is there really any other way to start the week?


neve black said...

Heidi, have I mentioned how tickled (French) I get when I read the titles to your Man Candy Mondays? I do. :-)

Yes, it has been simply wonderful walking weather. Love it, baby.

Oooh, naughty, hard thoughts. Yes!

Heidi Champa said...

It is always a challenge finding song lyrics for my blog posts, but I love the search. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Neve.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Emerald said...

I relate to the song lyrics challenge, as I have tended to close my posts with them. I've enjoyed your titles too!

Lol @ "typed hard," and thanks for the man candy!!

Heidi Champa said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my cheesy joke, Emerald.

I always like seeing which songs you pick too. It is such fun to pick what music fits with each post.