Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guess I'll Turn The TV On And See What You Got To Say

If women really are the future of the porn industry, then the Queen of all Media needs to know about it!!

You've gotta love Oprah. After spending an hour with Sarah Palin, she's seen fit to cleanse the American palate with a show all about women and their opinions and feelings about porn and erotica. It should be a great show. In addition to the work of Lisa Ling, who I adore, Oprah is featuring Jenna Jameson and Violet Blue, editor of amazing books including The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn and the Best Women's Erotica series.

I'm very interested to see the discussion, as Violet has had very positive things to say about it on her blog and on Twitter. Set your DVR's everyone. Oprah's talking about the pron!!!

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