Friday, September 18, 2009

I'd Be Surprised If There's A Pillow

Thank God it's Friday. I'm off to the Mothership, for a belated birthday celebration with my brothers and sister. Apparently, there will be cake. I love cake!! I'm also having an old school style sleepover with my cousin. We used to have sleepovers all the time when we were kids, and I thought it would be fun to relive those moments as adults. Except, now . . there will be alcohol!! Sometimes, it is great to be a grown-up.

By the way, over at Neve's house, she gave me yet another lovely and amazing series of compliments. She thinks I'm innocent. Boy, do I have her fooled. I just had to thank her before I go.

I'll be back Sunday. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. GO THE CATS!!


neve black said...

Oh, what do you mean *gasps!* you're not innocent? ;-)

Heidi Champa said...

Well, I've never committed a crime . . . a serious one anyway.