Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Equipped With Little Metal Tools To Get Inside My Head

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post in an attempt to win some free stuff. And, congratulations to Danielle, Neve and Janine who are the proud recipients of the Filament postcards. And, to my anonymous friend who went to the Hill House, you are the winner of the signed copy of Filament 2. The postcards will be in the mail shortly, and as soon as my magazine arrives, your signed copy will be on its way.

Janine has also done a wonderful review of Filament 2 over on her blog which you should check out immediately. She gives my story a lovely mention and I am very grateful to her for that.

Speaking of reviews, I found this nice review of the Like Magnets, We Attract Anthology, at Joyfully Reviewed. The book contains my story, Against the Current.

I know I should do something more monumental with my 200th blogpost, but nothing is coming to mind. Oh well, maybe for 225.


Danielle said...

ha..i love to win things!! thank you heidi!

Heidi Champa said...

Your welcome, Danielle. They are in the mail as we speak!!

Janine Ashbless said...

It's a hot story (with a particularly fine illustration too, I thought), so my pleasure to give it a shout-out Heidi. Especially since I've been enjoying your Man Candy pics for so long!

Heidi Champa said...

Thank you so much, Janine. Send me your address to and I'll send you out the postcards.

So glad you love the Man Candy as much as I do.