Friday, March 13, 2009

Because For Every Truth, There Are Half a Million Lies

It is no secret that I love Jon Stewart. He was, in fact, the inspiration for my story, This Just In, featured in Tasting Him. And, if I could, I would make sweet, sweet, nerdy love to Jon. I fell in love with him all over again last night, when he took Jim Cramer to school about the economy and CNBC's lack of integrity when it came to the bank failures plaguing us now. This was the culmination of a "feud" that went back and forth all week between the two men. Needless to say, watch the videos and you'll see who wins.

God, he is so sexy when he's angry. I could listen to him say the F word all day.

Check out the three part interview here. You won't be sorry.


Craig Sorensen said...

Good to see the whole interview with expletives not deleted.

Jon Smoked him (was there ever any question?)

PS, Good luck to your Cats in the NAB final "battle of the conflicting stripes" this morning!

Heidi Champa said...

I thought Jon did an amazing job. People often underestimate how smart he is.

I'm waiting to watch the game until my husband gets home. It is killing me, I want to know who won!!

Emerald said...

I agree, Jon Stewart is a hot one. Haven't watched the videos yet, but I just wanted to say that lol. Thanks for the tip!