Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta Have a Look, See What You're Up To

Want to see how a disorganized writer works? Then, check out the notes I sent to Alison Tyler. I heeded her call to send in notes, so everyone can check out how haphazard my technique is. I do have notebooks, a file on my laptop, and I try to stay organized.

But, there are also little scraps of paper and other things I have stuff written on all over my house. It may not be the best system, but it is better than forgetting something. My favorite time to scrawl these notes? The middle of the night.

Alison has devoted a whole blog to this topic, which I think is so cool. It is called Scruffy Jottings about Filth. How much do I love that? Go there to check out my Sharpie mess, as well as musings from Sommer, Jeremy, Kristina and Rachel.

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