Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everybody Break It, Every Rule Every Constriction

It is nice to know that even in these troubled economic times, there is still one place we can turn. Sex. That's right. It seems that the sex industry and all its many products and services are still going strong, even as other businesses fail.

Seems all this spare time people have because they are NOT going out to eat or seeing movies is spent at home, getting busy. And, with all that getting busy, people are looking for new and interesting ways to keep things spicy. Now, you can even be eco-friendly with your toys, with the rise of organics and alternatives to the traditional, old school "love enhancers."

It's nice to know that sexual experimentation can still trump all that recession fear. At least for now. I mean be honest, which would you rather have: a meal at Applebee's or a brand new vibrator? To me, the choice is clear.

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